April 10, 2024

In the UK, more WAV vehicles are used for sale. If you’re buying your first mobility vehicle, you might be wondering whether it is better to buy a used car or pay more for a brand-new one. This blog post will tell you about the pros and cons of both options.

There are many advantages to buying a brand-new wheelchair-accessible vehicle. In the short term and the long term, convenience is key. You can choose the exact car that suits your needs without needing to make any modifications. It’s easy to get the model, make, and color that you want. You won’t be concerned about the previous use of the vehicle, such as whether it was involved in an accident. You can usually expect that new WAV cars will offer the highest level of reliability. The vehicles will be tested at the factory, and they will not need an MOT during the first three years (four if you live in Northern Ireland). You will be covered under the warranty of your new car for any minor problems. Any necessary repairs will also be free. This peace of mind is not free. Some people cannot afford to buy a brand-new car. This is especially true if you are not eligible for the MOTABILITY Scheme.

What should you consider when you are looking at used vehicles that are wheelchair accessible? Ask the seller or dealer to show you the vehicle’s logbook. Make sure that the owner’s details are accurate. It will also show the vehicle’s age and mileage. Past owners who are selling WAV vehicles will include information about the vehicle’s history, MOT records, and any major repairs. You can then determine if the car was involved in an accident and if there are any major problems. Check the dashboard odometer to make sure the mileage is in line with the logbook. You can check the car yourself or hire someone to do so. Make sure that it is in good shape and exactly as described. Check for rust and damage to the paintwork and bodywork. Also, check the condition of the tires and if there is a spare. Check the VIN and compare it with the documentation.

It would be best if you only bought used WAV vehicles from a reputable dealer. You can expect them to be honest and open with you, and they’ll also offer you a demonstration at your home of one or more Mobility Vehicles to ensure you are buying the right vehicle.

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