April 10, 2024

A car is an expensive investment, and this is even truer if your mobility or ability to drive has been restricted. Your vehicle is your lifeline, helping you maintain your independence. This article describes the differences among the different types of wheelchair vehicles available in the UK.

What are wheelchair-accessible cars? They are vehicles such as cars, people carriers, or other similar vehicles that have been specially modified to allow wheelchair users to travel comfortably and safely. They are ideal for people with limited mobility who are unable to move from their chair to the car seat or rely on a carer to do so. Before making a decision, it is important to understand the differences between WAV cars. First, the wheelchair user will travel as a Passenger. A second type of wheelchair car is an internal transfer vehicle. Here, the power wheelchair is entered from the back. Remote control opens the tailgate, and a ramp is extended to allow you to enter your wheelchair. The driver’s chair is fully adjustable, allowing you to slide from your seat to the seat.


Third-type wheelchair vehicles are available in the UK with a space for the driver’s chair. This allows you to place your chair in the driving position without having to leave it. If you can transfer easily from your wheelchair to a vehicle, you might not need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. You can also adapt a standard car to suit your needs. You could choose a swivel chair, a transfer plate, or a hoist that will allow you to easily and safely place your wheelchair or scooter into the boot of the car. What else should be considered before you make your final choice? It’s a fact that you will generally pay more for vehicles that are specially adapted to your needs. You need to make sure that your investment is sound, whether you’re buying privately or leasing under the Motability Scheme. You should consider the future needs of your car, not only how mobile you may be now but also if that will change in the next few years.


When looking for wheelchair vehicles on sale in the UK, it is important not to rush into a decision. It’s thrilling to think that you can drive again and maintain your independence, but there are many things to consider before you buy the right vehicle. Dealers with experience are happy to provide advice and support.

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