April 10, 2024

You may have many questions before leaping. We are often asked how to use a disabled mobility car. This post will answer your question.

The mobility car rental scheme’s purpose is to enable disabled people to become more mobile and to access places, opportunities, and resources that they otherwise would not have been able to. The aim is to improve the quality of life for the individual. The mobility car must, therefore, be used by the person with the disability who applied for it. Does this mean you must be able to drive as an individual with a disability? Not necessarily. You can nominate someone else to drive for you if you are eligible under the Scheme. You can add up to two drivers to your car insurance and have them drive on your behalf. A third-named driver is available at an extra cost if you so wish. As a general rule, if you want to add a third named driver, it will cost an additional fee.


In the event that they are living apart or farther away from you, for example, if you live in a residence, Motability will consider installing a GPS tracker on your lease car to ensure that it is used exclusively for you. This does not necessarily mean that the person with a disability has to be present in the vehicle at all times. You can expect that the car will be used to make other trips, as long as these are connected to your health. You can allow your carer, parent, friend, or whomever the designated drivers are to take you shopping, drive you to pick you up, etc. Misuse of the vehicle could include lending the vehicle to others, using the car for business purposes, such as delivery vehicles, or selling it. It would be best if you also informed Motability of any changes to the vehicle that may affect its use. You should notify the Scheme Operators as soon as you can if, for instance, one of the named drivers has been banned from driving or if you want to add or change the nominees.


Motability will take any abuse of the Scheme seriously and investigate all complaints that are brought to its attention in conjunction with police and the Department of Work and Pensions. It is important to read the terms and conditions and adhere to them as closely as you can when using and taking possession of your mobility lease vehicle.

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