April 10, 2024

It was devastating to hear early last year that a greater number of disabled people would lose their rights to the Motability Scheme due to changes in benefit rules. This is a scary situation for anyone who may find themselves there. However, there are options, such as wheelchair-accessible vehicles, to keep you on your way.

Any changes to the rules may cause concern and upset for those who rely on the Disabled living allowance or Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) to cover additional costs due to their illness or disabilities. It is especially true if the change leaves you without the WAV vehicle that was crucial in maintaining your independence. The Scheme provides cars that are wheelchair accessible to those on benefits. The Scheme offers not only a specially adapted car but also a package to reduce the worry of owning such a vehicle. The package includes insurance, servicing and maintenance, breakdown assistance, and a generous mileage allowance. Losers of the qualifying benefits also forfeit their rights to the vehicle. This has led to many returning to a world with limited or no opportunities to leave the house or to at least get out on their own. Unadapted cars can be a challenge for wheelchair users, even if they have family and friends who are willing to drive. The wheelchair is too small to allow the person to stay in it, so they must be helped in and out. It is difficult to do this in any situation, but it’s even more challenging when you have limited space in a vehicle.

What can you do if these changes affect you? First, you can appeal the decision. Used Wheelchair Access Vehicles are the perfect solution to your transportation needs. These used vehicles are already adapted for wheelchairs. These vehicles are usually pre-leased, which means that they’ve had a limited amount of mileage and have been maintained well. It is cheaper to buy used than to purchase new, and you don’t have to pay for the adaptations yourself. There are some difficulties with purchasing second-hand or used wheelchair-accessible cars. You need to have the money to buy the vehicle upfront or to obtain the necessary financing. Don’t worry if this is not possible. You don’t have to limit yourself to used WAVs and cars if you do not have Motability. Another option is to choose a nearly new wheelchair-accessible vehicle. The cars are leased, not purchased. This means that the upfront cost is lower. There are even some that do not require an upfront payment. They may not include all of the benefits that come with a Motability package, but they usually offer some maintenance support.

It doesn’t have to be lonely and boring without your Motability car. You can also buy used wheelchair-accessible vehicles. While you wait for your appeal, consider all of your options. You will know where to look for used WAV vehicles.

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