July 24, 2024

You may be eligible to buy a car under the Motability program if you require a specially adapted vehicle or are unable to work. It is a non-profit program that allows people with disabilities to lease or purchase a Mobility Car using their government-funded benefit.

This guide will explain the Motability Scheme, including who qualifies, which wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available, and much more. Who is eligible to receive a Mobility Car through this scheme? In April 2013, the government’s welfare program resulted in a change to the eligibility criteria. Previously, anyone receiving the higher-rate mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA) would have been eligible for this scheme. Personal independent payment (PIP), which replaces this benefit, requires that those who receive it be reevaluated. This scheme will only allow you to apply for a mobility vehicle if you accept the PIP mobility component at the enhanced rate. If you don’t have it, your car could be taken away. However, grants of up to PS2,000 are available to help those in this situation. There are also used mobility vehicles that can be purchased as a cheaper alternative to the Motability scheme. Anyone who receives either the independence payment or mobility supplement (for war pensioners) can also apply for the Motability Scheme. You can use a part of or the entire amount of your disability allowance for this scheme. You can use your own money to purchase a more expensive car.

This scheme gives you two options: leasing or buying. The majority of people opt for the leasing option. Every three years, you will be able to choose a new mobility vehicle. All of the above is included, including maintenance, servicing, and replacement of windows and tires. Also, RAC breakdown coverage, personal accident insurance, and car insurance are covered. All of these costs are your responsibility if you purchase the vehicle. Some people will do this if they can own a vehicle. The driver is responsible for any damages to the mobility leasing car. Who can drive the vehicle? You can ask two friends or family members to drive your car if you are unable to do so. The applicant cannot have had any serious convictions or driving endorsements in the last five years. Also, there are restrictions for young drivers and people with provisional licenses. The Motability Managed Adaption Programme is part of the scheme. It allows for the use of electric handbrakes and pedal guards. Other adaptions include wheelchair stowage and person hoists. Other adaptions are available.

It would be best if you now had a better understanding of the scheme. You or someone you love can get a mobility vehicle with government-funded benefits. If you don’t have it, there are still used cars available at affordable prices.

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