July 24, 2024

You can buy a new mobility vehicle or a used one outright, which is what many people do. Motability has many benefits. Let’s first determine if you qualify. You will need to receive one of the following: War Pensioners’ Mobility Payment (WPMS), Armed Forces Independence Payments (AFIP), Enhanced-Rate Mobility Components of Personal Independence Payments (ERMC PIP), and finally, Higher Rate Motability component of Disability Living Allowances (HMRC DLA). You can choose from the following options if you are eligible for any of these: a custom-built powered wheelchair on a 5-year lease; a new powered scooter or wheelchair on a 3-year lease; a nearly-new wheelchair accessible vehicle leased on a 3-year lease. A vehicle less than two-and-a-half years old, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle on a 5-year lease, or a brand new car on a three-year lease. The scheme offers many advantages, including the ability to select a new wheelchair-accessible vehicle every three years. It sounds good.

You can also add adaptations to mobility vehicles without any additional cost. The vehicle should be as easy and comfortable as possible. Your car can have two additional drivers. You do not have to be the driver; you can name two other people in your place, such as a caregiver, a family or a friend. This scheme also offers a 60,000-mile allowance. This should be enough. You will, however, be charged 5p per mile if you exceed 60,000. This scheme provides insurance coverage for all wheelchair-friendly cars. This protection covers the replacement of tools and accessories that come with the vehicle as well as travel to and away from work, the repair or replacement of glass, theft, fire, accidental damage, and loss or damage to the vehicle. You will be able to select from a wide range of new mobility cars.


You can see that the benefits of purchasing mobility cars via the mobility scheme are extensive. You will be able to drive away in a brand-new vehicle every three years and also receive comprehensive insurance coverage.

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