May 23, 2024

When it comes to the start of your vehicle, silence is one of the most annoying sounds you can hear.

This is why it’s crucial to take action immediately if:

Your car battery may be failing to energy (pay close attention to warning indications).

It’s hard to remember the last time you changed the battery in your car.

It’s okay to leave your driveway for a quick battery test. We’ll help you test the car battery at your home in just four easy steps.


Performing every “test” on your car might be intimidating if not a mechanic. The good news is that this test is pretty simple.

Before starting your engine, switch the headlights on.

Place your feet in the “ON” position for 10-15 minutes.

When the time is up after that, you can start your car.

Be aware of the intensity that your lights emit.

If the headlights dim as the engine spins, Your battery hasn’t passed the load test. The battery should have enough power to last 10-15 minutes before when the engine begins and after the engine starts turning. If the battery in your car is failing, here is likely to need to be replaced before dying you while driving.


In addition to being a thing that looks like something that could appear from an evil scientist’s lab, corrosion on your vehicle’s battery might be a sign of a power issue.

In time, this corrosion, which occurs when the battery’s acid emits hydrogen gas, could affect the battery’s terminals’ capacity to transfer energy. The storm must be more efficient in compensating; the additional work will reduce the battery’s lifespan.

There is a way to remove the batteries’ terminals (carefully!) with everyday household items such as baking soda or an outdated toothbrush. However, if your battery suffered from corrosion for a lengthy period, the damage could be irreparable. If that’s the scenario, it’s the right time to get a new battery.


If someone ever creates an eerie film about car issues, the soundtrack will likely be the quick clicking of a dead battery!

When you turn the key in the ignition, you will hear a loud roar that becomes a thump. If there is “click-click-click” instead, you know your car battery is likely dead. On the other hand, only a single click could be a sign of a failing starter.

These clicks might not indicate that your battery requires replacement, but they are an excellent indicator. Even if a jump-start can get the car moving, it’s best to go into the garage of an experienced and trustworthy technician.


The web’s amazingness is in debate at the moment. One reason? It’s got everything. And it is constantly getting cool, fresh gadgets!

A good example is that you can “test” your battery online using a virtual battery tester on the Firestone Complete Auto Care website.

Check out our battery tester online.

Input the year of your vehicle, the model, year, make, and engine type. You can also enter your zip code.

Hit “Find Out Now” by clicking the “Find Out Now” button.

The test will tell you about the battery’s lifespan. Be aware that environmental things like weather or corrosion can affect your battery’s life expectancy and impact the test’s accuracy.


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