May 23, 2024

When it comes time to start your car, silence can be one of the loudest sounds you can hear.

It’s essential to take action immediately if:

Your car battery may be failing to energy (pay particular attention to warning indications).

It’s difficult to recall the last time you changed the battery in your car.

It’s okay to leave your driveway for a quick battery test. We’ll teach you how to test the car battery at home using four steps.


Conducting the “test” on your car might be daunting if not a professional. It’s pretty simple.

If you don’t start your engine, switch off your lights.

Keep these in an “ON” position for 10-15 minutes.

Once the time has passed after that, you can start your car.

Be aware of the intensity of the headlights.

If your headlights are dimming noticeably as the engine spins, the battery can’t pass the load test. The battery should have enough power to last 10-15 minutes before when the engine begins and after the engine starts turning. If the battery in your car is failing here, it is most likely that it needs to be replaced before it dies while driving.


Apart from being something that looks like something that could emerge from a mad scientist’s lab, The corrosion visible on your vehicle’s battery might signal a power-related issue.

As time passes, the corrosion that occurs by the acid released within the battery emits hydrogen gas could affect the battery’s terminals’ capacity to transfer energy. The storm must perform more work to compensate, and the additional work will reduce the battery’s lifespan.

There is a way to cleanse the terminals of your battery (carefully!) using household products like baking soda or an older toothbrush. When your battery is suffered from corrosion for a lengthy period, the damage may be irreparable. If this is the scenario, it’s the right time to replace it.


If someone ever creates a horror film about car troubles, it will likely feature the rumbling of a dead battery!

When you turn the key in the ignition, you should hear a loud sound that turns into an eerie loud purr. If it’s “click-click-click” instead, you are aware that the battery in your car is probably dead. The sound of one click, however, could indicate a defective starter.

The clicks may not indicate that your battery requires replacement, but they are an accurate indicator. Even if a jumpstart can get the car moving, your first destination should be in the area of a skilled and trusted technician.


The power of the internet is beyond doubt at this point. One reason? It’s got everything. And it is constantly getting cool, fresh gadgets!

A good example is that you can “test” your battery online using a virtual battery tester on the Firestone Complete Auto Care website.

The test will tell you how long the battery will last. Weather and corrosion could alter the battery’s lifespan and impact the test’s accuracy.


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