May 20, 2024

The Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 will convert 50% of Goa’s diesel-powered ferries in 2025 to electricity. In the last month, Goa’s chief minister, Pramod Sawant, declared that electric vehicles will be powered by new cars for tourists, rentals, and motorbikes for rental from January. “The local tourism businesses can be further incentivised to adopt electric vehicles through tax breaks, subsidies, and charging support,” added Rohan Nagarkar, founder and partner of Cycling Zens.

To ensure a smooth transition from rental and tourist vehicles to electric vehicles starting in Jan. 2024. According to industry players, Goa should encourage taxi companies, develop a solid infrastructure to support electric cars and ensure a time-bound transfer of benefits. Industry leaders claimed they believe Goa is poised to be the leading state in adopting electric mobility; however, public policies and private partnerships should work together to meet the government’s goals.

He spoke at a dialogue on the state level organized in collaboration with ICLEI South Asia to discuss the adoption of electric vehicles. Apart from consulting the existing policies to promote the adoption of electric cars, industry experts also discussed challenges encountered in implementing the electric vehicles policy by states.
“Goa could become an important point of entry for the adoption of the latest technology in electric mobility. This could be achieved by ensuring the right government incentives and the active involvement of private companies,” said Abhinav Apte, director of Track Change. Goa’s EV Policy seeks to create a world-class infrastructure for electric cars to speed up the acceptance of electric vehicles.

The partnership was launched with the participation members of Mark Tucker, Group Chairman, HSBC; Hitendra Dave, CEO, HSBC India; Jamshyed Godrej, Chairperson of the Board Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation as well as Ravindra Gudi, Dean, Corporate Relations and Alumni Relations, IIT Bombay. “Green hydrogen has a pivotal role to play as we counter climate change and work towards enabling a low-carbon and self-reliant economy. We are aiming to make India a global hub for production, utilization and export of green hydrogen,” Sitharaman stated. She said the government is determined to drive green growth with a series of green initiatives that will offer an outline for cutting down on carbon emissions in the business and facilitate creating green employment opportunities.

U.S. automobile safety authorities announced Tuesday that automakers could comply with the Massachusetts law that requires sharing vehicle information with independent repair shops following a previous saying it would make vehicles more vulnerable to hacking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) declared automakers could safely share diagnostic data with independent shops via short-range wireless technology. However, it cautioned that using wireless with long-range signals could let hackers transmit dangerous commands to vehicles.

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