May 25, 2024

Are you in an accident where your Sedan or SUV is badly damaged? This is a terrible situation! Your car is completely crushed, airbags have been opened, and the engine is still smoking. You feel devastated and do the math, wondering what you should do with your car. It isn’t worth fixing. You are probably panicking at this point and don’t know exactly what to do.

How can you tell if your car isn’t worth fixing?

You may not know that your car doesn’t have the value of repair because of an accident. Other mechanical problems are more expensive than they can be fixed. Major problems like engine failure or other issues can be costly to fix. How can you tell if your car is worth fixing? It’s easy! If the repair cost exceeds your vehicle’s value, it is not worth fixing.

Here are some ways to determine if your car is worth fixing:


If you don’t have a repair estimate, how will you know how much it will cost? To ensure that your estimate is accurate, you should request at least three quotes from different shops. Make sure to factor in all labour and repair costs before accepting an official quote from the shop.

Check if you can do the work yourself

You can do basic repairs: You can easily search YouTube to find out how simple some replacements for non-experts are. Follow the video instructions to find the correct part. Shops charge more for parts, and the replacement cost can be quite high. You might pay $40 for the bulb and $40 for the replacement. The same bulb can be purchased on Amazon and other online shops for a much lower price. It takes only 2 minutes to replace, and it is extremely simple.

DO SOME Research

For the most expensive parts, you can look in the second-hand marketplace. Sometimes even new parts can be sold at great prices. People sell car parts at a fair price because they are blown. Because the engine is the most expensive part of a car, they opt to part out the car rather than buy a new one. You can search for the most expensive parts and components you require on Kijiji and other second-hand marketplaces. Low prices are possible for transmission system components and airbag components.

When might it be time to get rid of your car?

If your car is older, or you have done the math and discovered that the cost of repairing it is more than its value, it is not worth it.

What are your options? What can you do to reduce the damage?

Two options are available:

  • If your car isn’t that old, you can sell it and make money from the valuable parts.
  • If your car is very old or has been completely written-off, then you need to search for the best scrap car removal in Adelaide to sell it to the scrapyard to get cash on the spot.

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