May 25, 2024
    • Toyota plans to unveil the next-generation Camry at 10 pm Eastern on November 14, just before the Los Angeles auto show.
    • This teaser shows that the new Camry is at least going to be available as a hybrid electric vehicle.
    • The Camry launched in 2017 is a perfect example of a vehicle that has been updated to meet the needs of current generations.
  • As we expected from the earlier teaser, Toyota is gearing up to show off a new next-generation Camry in conjunction with the Los Angeles auto show. While the company doesn’t have a scheduled press conference, Toyota is setting to show off the new Camry at 10 pm Eastern on November 14.
  • The upcoming Camry is still a mystery. The teaser shows that Toyota will put an all-wheel drive system under the next Camry and give it hybrid power. At the moment, you can choose between an all-wheel drive Camry and a hybrid front-wheel drive Camry. You can now have both in one Camry.
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  • It seemed almost certain that the all-wheel drive hybrid powertrain would make its way into the new Camry after seeing Toyota’s Prius. The transition to the Camry could increase the Prius AWD’s combined 196 horsepower.
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  • Toyota’s latest sales figures show that people are still buying the Camry. Toyota sold 217,975 Camrys in the United States through September.
  • Wards Intelligence data shows that the Camry has a significant lead over the new Honda Accord. The Accord shuffled 152,202 units to take second place among midsize sedans in September.
  • Although the trend is moving away from sedans and towards crossovers, the Camry still trails the RAV4, which sold 302,832 units in the same timeframe.
  • The previous teaser revealed that the new Camry would also feature interesting signature lighting. You’ll need to wait until November 14 to read the complete spec sheet and see the rest.
  • Changes to Robotaxis’ Response to Sirens

The incident, among other things, should serve as a case study for what happens when the robotaxi is part of a crash that has already begun, triggered by a car. This had not occurred in the US before October.

Surprisingly, the robotaxi didn’t already have the programming in place to make sure it would stop if a pedestrian was hit and stay in place. Or the sensors needed to detect the situation.

It is at least foreseeable that, at some point, a pedestrian might become trapped underneath a robotaxi, regardless of whether the robotaxi was to blame or not. The car would then need to stay in place.

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  • Uber riders can hail the Waymo robot axis in this city.

It is known that robotaxis have some code that governs their behavior when solid objects such as traffic cones are driven over. However, it is unknown to what extent a Cruise Robotaxi can classify these objects and make appropriate decisions.

Cruise previously claimed, in defense of its robotaxi, that the car began braking 460 milliseconds before a pedestrian was detected walking into its path. This is much faster than any human being could react.


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