May 26, 2024

Toyota unveiled a Land Cruiser specially designed for the United Nations. The United Nations uses multiple versions, including the civilian LC200 and LC300, as well as their specially modified versions. The UN also uses the traditional LC70 SUV range in different body styles.

  1. Land Cruisers GDJ76 to be used only for humanitarian operations
  2. WFP, Red Cross, and other agencies will use
  3. Includes Fortuner’s 2.8-litre diesel engine

Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings, which specializes in customized SUVs designed for special operations, has prepared the new Land Cruiser GDJ76 based on the Land Cruiser 70. The new GDJ76 replaces the popular Land Cruiser HZJ76, which is based on the LC70 pre-facelift.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Gdj76 is the most basic of them all.

The Land Cruiser GDJ76, a stripped-down version of the Land Cruiser 70, is a practical and reliable SUV. The GDJ76 is a traditional SUV built on a ladder frame with four-wheel drive and steel wheels.

The Land Cruiser GDJ76 comes with creature comforts such as power steering, air-conditioning, and heated and power windows, all available as options. Land Cruiser GDJ76 comes with ten seats, locking hubs, and a snorkel. The Land Cruiser GDJ76 does not have an infotainment unit as such due to its purpose-built nature.

Toyota Land Cruiser Gdj76 engine

The Land Cruiser GDJ76 is very similar to the Land Cruiser 70, which was unveiled recently. The Land Cruiser GDJ76 is powered by the tried-and-tested 2.8-litre 4-cylinder Toyota GD6 diesel engine. This unit was also used in the Fortuner SUV. The GDJ76 is capable of 201hp and comes with a six-speed auto as standard.

Toyota claims that this engine is 30% more fuel-efficient than the inline-six diesel engine used in the Land Cruiser HZJ6, which was discontinued. Toyota will continue to sell the HZJ6 as long as the current orders last.

Land Cruisers GDJ76 are not sold individually but in bulk to humanitarian agencies. TGS will customize the cabins according to each order. Optionally, the list includes a bulletproof variant that can be made to order. Customers can purchase the Land Cruiser 70, which has more creature comforts. It is also sold in many markets abroad.

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