May 26, 2024

The Royal Enfield twins and the KTM Duke have been the best bang for your buck motorcycles in India. But today, you can get a brand new one at a price of up to Rs 3 lakh. We’ve put together a list that includes five bikes under Rs 3 lakh but still offers a good level of performance.

All prices are ex-showroom .

  • 1. 2024 KTM 250 Duchess 31hp

The 250 Duke is India’s most powerful 250cc motorcycle today. It has many of the features found on the Gen 3 390. It is also the first segment bike to have a bidirectional quick-shifter. The 250 Duke, priced at Rs 2,39 lakh, has the same 31hp peak as the CB300R but weighs 163kg more, hence our lower ranking.

Watch this space as we will be bringing you our full review of the 250 Duke on November 3.

  • 2. Honda CB300R 31hp

CB300R was always an underrated motorcycle, but now that it is priced at Rs. 2.40 lakhs, the bike poses a greater threat than ever before. CB300R’s 146kg curb weight is the ace in its proverbial sleeves. It is lighter than the KTM125 Duke. The CB’s 146kg curb weight is lighter than the KTM 125 Duke!

  • 3. TVS Apache RTR 310 35.6hp

Apache RTR 310 is the most powerful version of its 312cc engine ever, with 35.6hp. Even in its base form, the Apache RTR 310 is a feature-rich bike. It costs Rs 2.43 lakh. Click to read about the various features and optional packages in detail.

  • 4. Triumph Scrambler 400 X 40hp

Scrambler 400 X is the second product that emerged from the Bajaj and Triumph partnership. It’s a Speed 400, but taller, roomier, and capable of light off-roading. The Scrambler 400X costs Rs 2,63 lakhs, which is Rs 30,000 higher than the Speed 400 but still offers a great value.

  • 5. KTM 390 Adventure X – 43.5hp

The 390 Adventure X, at Rs 2.80 lakh, is the most affordable model of KTM’s 390 range. The 373cc engine is still used, and not the 398cc, but it still produces 43.5hp and 37Nm. There are no electronic rider assistance systems, and the LCD screen replaces the TFT screens found on other 390s. The 390 Adventure X offers maximum power and capability for a budget of less than Rs 3 lakh.

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