May 20, 2024

These tips will help you clean your car seats. Your car seats will look and smell like new with minimal effort.

Your car seat will get dirty with all the time you spend in your car. Regular cleaning is a great way to extend the life of your car’s interior.

These are nine ways to clean your car seat cleaning service like a pro.

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  • Vacuuming is the best way to start
  • Don’t Skip Stain Treatments
  • Use Homemade Solutions
  • Is Better?
  • Clear from Top to Bottom
  • Every Part
  • Dry Thoroughly
  • Special Considerations for Leather
  • Consider Seat Protectors

Vacuuming is the best way to get started

As the first step, thoroughly vacuuming your car seats makes it easier to do the rest. Peterson says that vacuuming the car seats thoroughly is an important step in cleaning.

Professionals suggests vacuuming with a soft brushhead to reach all the creases in the seat. To reach the areas between the console and seat, use the crevice tool of your vacuum.

Do not skip stain treatments

You can leave a permanent mark on your car seats with ground-in dirt, melted chocolate, and grease stains from drive-thru food. Use a leather cleaner to gently clean the stain using a soft brush. Stoops warns against using too much pressure on leather to avoid scratching the surface.

To ensure that your upholstery isn’t damaged or discolored by cleaners, whether they are store-bought or homemade, always test it in a hidden area.

Try Homemade Solutions

Mix a homemade car-seat cleaning solution using common household products.

In a spray bottle, combine two cups water with one cup vinegar and about a tablespoon dish soap. Spray the solution lightly on any stains and especially filthy spots. Then rinse with warm water. To absorb moisture, use a microfibercloth to dab the area.

It’s not better to have more

Be careful with the use of cleaner and water. These liquids can be absorbed deep into the seat so they don’t dry easily.

Because it doesn’t require a lot water, a dry foam cleaner is ideal for cloth seats. Stoops warns against using any product that can saturate fabric seats and cause mold growth. Many dry foam cleaners have built-in brushes that make cleaning even easier.

Use a conditioner and leather cleaner for leather chairs. Professionals recommends paying close attention to any creases or spots where hair or skin touches the leather.

Clean from Top to Bottom

After stain treatment and vacuuming are complete, it’s time to wash the seat thoroughly. Clean every area of the seat, starting at the top. This will ensure that no solution is left behind. Peterson suggests that you rinse your brush with clean water after it gets dirty.

All parts covered

You should also clean the seat back, headrest and seat. Also, make sure to clean the buckle and seat belt. Make sure to clean the area between your backs and the seat’s edge.

Dry thoroughly

Allow your car seats to dry overnight or for several hours after cleaning. Professionals suggests using an absorbent microfiber cloth to remove excess moisture.

Take Special Care of Leather

Leather interiors require special products that are specifically formulated for leather. While conditioning is an additional step after cleaning, it’s well worth the effort. Peterson says that a good leather conditioner will prevent cracking and provide UV protection to preserve the leather’s color.

Seat protectors are worth considering

Regular cleaning is key to keeping your car’s seats in good condition. Seat protectors are also a great option.

Stoops states that temporary seat covers are ideal for those who live an active lifestyle, such as those who spend time at the beach or run or cycle, and return to their cars sweaty from the outing. These covers can be removed as quickly and easily as they were put on, and many of them can be machine washed.

Choose covers that are made specifically for your vehicle. Make sure they fit with seat belts and airbags. For more information on accessories for after-market use, such as seat covers, consult your owner’s guide.

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