May 25, 2024

Autopilot is a technique that allows an aircraft to be controlled with no constant ‘hands-on’. However, the most advanced autopilots are set to be released onto the roads. The advancement of autopilots in the automotive industry is rapidly growing. The majority of automobile companies are battling for the title of driverless vehicle. Tesla is close to hitting the target with Google’s Waymo being a close second on its final stretch, so we should be looking at updates in order to determine who will win the race.


Tesla’s desire for a full and final length autopilots that enhance security measures is currently on its way to bringing the most recent features that are up-to-date. Tesla has partnered with several businesses to create a secure autopilot. Forbye models X and S, Model 3 possesses an upgraded autopilot that is designed by Tesla and has absolute security. Model 3.0 comes with an exclusive Tesla-designed processor that connects to application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) chips. Tesla claims that the new system would process 220 frames per second, 10 times more reliable than the hardware 2.5. The company called it an “neural network accelerator”. It was tested in a crash, and it was awarded five stars at every level by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Recently, an over-air update to Florida’s Tesla users saved the life of a by helping remove the Hurricane Irma affected area. The update boosted the battery’s capacity by 5kw, allowing users to travel further than usual.

Latest Updates on Tesla

* Elon Musk breaks ground in China for a brand new manufacturing plant, which will be positioned as the first unit outside of the US.

* Elon Musk has stated that Tesla will follow in its footsteps on the Indian market in India within the 2nd quarter of 2019.

* Elon Musk announced a full refund for a seven-day returns policy for those who purchased the Model 3 without a test driving.

* Elon Musk recently tweeted, ” Anyone who purchases full self-driving will receive FSD computer upgrade at no cost. It’s the sole change that has occurred between Autopilot HW2.5 and HW3. In the future “HW3″ will just be called FSD Computer, which is accurate. No change to vehicle sensors or wire harness needed. This is v important.”

* A data scientist has stated there is a security issue with data is extremely low for Car Tech jobs, they can easily be hacked.

* Tesla has also stated that it plans to build its own logistics vehicles to support its cars ‘ transportation.

* Tesla’s most recent autopilot updates warns drivers about the red light.

* Current Model 3 Performance owners will get unlimited Supercharging with Model S, Model X and Model 3 Performance orders.

* Tesla and Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) were in agreed to join forces in Europe to stop the penalty for violations of emission standards.

* Tesla has announced that its new Model S and Model X models can now be used with the newly developed CCS (Combined charging system) adapter. It is currently in stock and will soon provide retrofits to older vehicles.


Waymo is a program that was initiated through Google’s parent firm Alphabet. It began in 2009 to improve the technology to create a self-driving vehicle or driverless vehicle. Google has been conducting tests on its prototype automobile on US roads. It’s still for testing in the UK and also shared a few details regarding how its self-driving vehicles operate. It comes with a rotating rooftop LiDAR camera that makes use of LEDs of either 32 or 64 that estimate the distance from the object and create a 3D map with a distance of 200m, which allows the vehicle to identify dangers. There is also the standard camera, which looks through the windshield. It also identifies nearby dangers like cyclists, pedestrians as well as other motorists, and also to see road signs and traffic signals.

Google’s auto-driving car is able to quickly recognize a bicycle and determine that if a cyclist raises an arm, they are planning to move. It then knows to slow down and allow the bike enough room to be able to function safely. The mission of Waymo is to make it safer and easy for both people and objects to move and strive to provide fully autonomous driving technology to the entire world.

The most recent updates on Waymo

* Waymo is a system that drives the car in autopilot mode

* Waymo and Jaguar have joined forces to create the first self-driving vehicle in the world. Jaguar.

* Waymo and Lyft have partnered to enhance the efficiency of their passengers.

* Waymo has teamed up with FCA to create cars for Waymo


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