May 23, 2024

Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

When car batteries gradually die with time, extreme temperatures, extreme cold, frequent use of accessories for vehicles (after-market equipment), and other mechanical problems can reduce the lifespan of the most durable battery. Learn How Your Battery Functions to discover why batteries fail in time. The most common reasons why batteries fail include:

  • The lights are off. That can be your car’s headlights or dome light, the light inside the glove box, or even the trunk light. Even the vanity mirror lights could drain a battery if left in place for long periods.
  • Parasitic drawing. Your car battery can drain over time because of audio components (subwoofers), phone chargers, and other devices that you plug into vehicle outlets that draw power from your battery even after the vehicle is switched off. Other sources of power loss include the interior LED lights and below-car battery lights.
  • Connections that are corroded or loose. A loose connection could cause damage to the battery and drain it. Make sure to check your battery cables regularly for signs of corrosion. If you notice any, wash it away to ensure that the connection is secure.
  • A lot of temperatures as well as cold. Batteries fail most often during the winter months. When you attempt a start, the battery won’t start the engine. It’s not hard that kills batteries. Hot summer months can deteriorate your battery. You then notice you need more power during the winter. To avoid damaging your battery due to the heat, place your car in garages or under shelter during the summer heat.
  • The alternator is having issues. Once your vehicle is running, the alternator will help it remain charged. If the alternator is malfunctioning or the belt of the alternator is not working, it may not be able to charge the battery.
  • Short excursions or leaving your car unattended for a long. A few quick tours (less than 15 minutes) could degrade batteries. In addition, letting a vehicle stand for a long time without getting started (weeks or months) could cause problems.
  • Age. Batteries don’t last forever. The frequency at which you begin your vehicle and how long you drive, the health of your alternator, the temperature and climate of your area, and many other factors can impact the life that your battery will last.

How to Prevent Your Battery From Draining and What Causes It

The lifespan of your car battery will depend on the location you live in as well as how much you travel and many others. If your vehicle requires new batteries, Les Schwab is here to help you find batteries for every vehicle you use. Here are a few suggestions to keep your battery charged.

  • Unplug Extra Equipment: Known as a parasitic draw, your car’s battery can drain from the stereo components and phone chargers that are still working after the car has been turned off. Be attentive to the presence of light bulbs for the trunk, lights in the glovebox as well as interior lighting that is not turned off.
  • Drive for 15 minutes: At least once every week, you should drive your car for a quick drive. So long as your alternator is functioning correctly, it will aid in maintaining the battery’s charge.
  • Make sure you don’t keep your headlights on: Turn the switch to the “off” position, even if the lights shut off by themselves.
  • Avoid charging too deeply: Don’t leave the lights on or the radio playing when the car is off. This can lead to dead batteries.
  • Close and clean the battery connections: When the battery’s terminals become damaged or loose, they could cause damage or drain to the battery. This could cause your car to stop. If you discover corrosion, it’s simple to clean it with a stiff-bristle brush (an old toothbrush is ideal) and a mix that contains one portion of baking soda and three components of water. With just a bit of elbow grease and a little elbow grease, the corrosion will disappear. Be careful not to spill any baking soda/water combination within your battery or any other part of your vehicle or engine.

What to Do When Your Battery Dies

Batteries that die are commonplace to all. It can be a hassle, especially if you arrive late for work. A pair of jumper cables or jump starters could bring you back to life. We’ve created an instructional jump-start tutorial video to help you get your vehicle or truck going.

If you’re a Schwab customer, we invite you to contact us during regular working hours. If we’re open for you, we could travel to your place and provide you with a jump to get started.

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