May 26, 2024

An undisputed leader who stands tall as the country’s biggest automobile maker, Maruti Suzuki has an unparalleled advantage in terms of size. For more than 40 years, Maruti Suzuki has catered to millions of Indians, becoming one of the most sought-after carmakers in India. Admired for providing cars that meet the value scale, Maruti is loved for its low cost and high efficiency.

In total, Toyota sold 22168 vehicles during the September 2023 month. Toyota registered a huge 44.2 percent growth over 15 487 cars it was able to make available in that same period in 2017. This means that Toyota took home 6.1 percent of the market share. Toyota has an assortment of 9 great options across all categories, including a high-end MPV as well as a pickup truck, as well.


In India in the year 2019, Kia has managed to establish itself as a prominent player. The company has been recognized as one of India’s top carmakers in a relatively short amount of time; despite its small inventory of four cars, its elegant integration of striking looks, exhilarating driving dynamics, and cutting-edge technology has created an incredibly distinctive brand identity. Now, with Seltos’s latest upgrade giving an air of freshness to the industry, Kia’s cult status has increased.

In September of 2023, the automaker achieved a total sales total of 2002 vehicles in spite of a staggering 22.6 percent drop in the year-over-year growth. However, with products like the affordable and hot Sonet, the brand snatched 5.5 percent of sales with a bright future ahead because of effects such as Carens, Seltos and Carens Seltos, and even the EV6. With the announcement of the return of the Carnival in the coming year gaining momentum, it’ll be exciting to see what’s in store.


A worldwide icon renowned for its world-class engines with unmatched R&D capability and consumer-centric innovations, Honda boasts a beautiful tradition of more than 20 years in India. Despite the stringent emission regulations cutting the inventory of Honda’s products like the Honda City, Honda City Hybrid, and the Honda Amaze, Continue to support the automaker tread forward.

With the Honda Elevate making noises in the SUV market, Honda is set to see a good performance over the next few months. For September 2023, Honda profited from the celebrations, registering an increase of 13.2 percent with 9,861 units for September 2023. It also accounted for the equivalent of 2.7 percent of the market share. In this way, Honda was the seventh highest-selling automobile brand for September.


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