May 24, 2024

Repairs have started addressing an odd glitch discovered in Mazda automobiles in Seattle and Western Washington after the car’s radios became stuck on the Seattle local radio channel earlier in the month.

Two Mazda drivers affected by malfunctioning infotainment systems were getting their cars repaired on Friday, they informed GeekWire. Car owners faced a “don’t touch that dial” test to consider giving the KUOW 94.9 another chance.

Tony Meyer of Tumwater, Wash., was interviewed by GeekWire from the waiting area of Olympia Mazda as his 2016 Mazda6 was getting a $ 1,500 master connectivity unit installed thanks to the automaker.

I’m looking forward to expanding my selection of music.’

Meyer was among several people whose Mazdas went down bizarrely weeks ago, following the radios in the vehicles were set to the station KUOW.

Mazda North American Operations informed GeekWire in February. Seven that, in the period between January. 24 between Jan. 24 and 31, “a radio station in the Seattle area sent image files with no extension, which caused an issue on some 2014-2017 Mazda vehicles with older software.” The automaker at the time promised to repair the affected vehicles for free to owners.

“I couldn’t believe it, I got a call from these guys the other day and they said, ‘Bring it on in, we’ll get it fixed,'” Meyer told me of his recent communication with the local dealership. “My mind is completely shocked. I was thinking for months, in the event that they did, they’re unlikely to act. I’m just stunned.”

The dashboard infotainment system in Tony Meyer’s Mazda — is not tuned to KUOW. (Photo courtesy of Tony Meyer)

Meyer, who has retired after 35 years as a communications manager for the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, claimed that his car’s computer “started acting wonky” during an outing when he was listening to KUOW. As with other people who have experienced similar issues, the dashboard of Meyer’s car seemed to be constantly trying to restart. Certain people have lost radio functions as well as navigation. Bluetooth on phones, backup camera, etc.

Service managers in the dealerships located in Seattle and around the world were bombarded with calls. KUOW published a report about its part in the viral news story and dismissed misguided speculations about why the station had changed to a 5G signal. The station also had fun using social media to announce a request for suggestions for a bumper sticker that would identify those “stuck on KUOW.”

Some of you stated that we should offer special merchandise for AzdaUSA drivers whose radios have been identified as stuck on #stuckonKUOW. We agree! Will you help us design a commemorative bumper sticker? Include a design concept below (or send it to us via Thank you, @toddbishop, for the idea! Todd Bishop for suggesting the original idea!

Meyer was able to get his feet back in February’s early days to have the station switched. So he’s been listening to KZOK’s classic rock for three weeks.

“I got away from public radio,” Meyer stated. “I’m a little afraid to listen to them again,” Meyer laughed.

Meyer, who does not plan to get rid of the car he has owned for six years, thanked the service manager at the dealership for delivering the part so quickly. Meyer said the repair on the car took just an hour and a half on Friday. And he was not the only one.

Stephanie Marquis of Olympia texted to inform her that her car was at the same place. Marquis was listening to KUOW earlier in the month while driving the 2015 Mazda3 hatchback and was the first to start an online discussion within the Reddit sub-group r/mazda3, which she inquired, “Anyone else have their radio corrupted by a signal from 94.9?”

In the afternoon of Friday, we asked whether she’d be anxious about tuning back to KUOW to avoid another error on Mazda’s matrix. Mazda matrix.

“I’m confident it will work,” Marquis declared. “And I’m looking forward to expanding my listening choices.”

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