May 22, 2024

It is often regarded as to be the greatest natural resource on earth. The protection of water sources across the globe can not only protect communities but will also aid in the development of strong and durable economies. Ford was among the very first businesses to declare sustainable water management a key sustainable goal. That commitment to sustainability has never been more vital.

Ford Recognized as a Leader in CDP Water Report

In the last week, Ford received recognition from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an internationally renowned environmental organization that has the world’s largest ecological database. The database is featured in the report that highlights the present water-related risks and water-related opportunities in finance for businesses. The report highlights Ford’s water-saving strategies throughout its manufacturing facilities around the globe as real-world successful business stories.

“Ford has unquestioningly benefitted from our years-long relationship with CDP and we appreciate the valuable insight its water security program has offered,” said Andy Hobbs, global director of Environmental Quality Office, Environmental & Safety Compliance at Ford. “It’s pleasing, each year, to witness our progress towards zero withdrawals of water for manufacturing processes. Along with CDP and many of suppliers we’re making sure that billions of water gallons are kept for human consumption. .”

Since the year 1970, the globe has witnessed a massive decline of 84% in freshwater, and as per the United Nations (UN), 2.3 billion people are living in areas of water stress. This is the reason why Ford hopes to stop making withdrawals of water for manufacturing processes and to use fresh water for consumption by humans. The current UN estimates suggest that the world will be facing a 40% gap in the availability of water by 2030, making this issue crucial not just for Ford but for all businesses and all countries.

“To tackle the problems of this size water security, it’s vital that we initiate a change of the way that markets function and grow for companies, so that they can harness their potential and creativity. If harnessed correctly, they could achieve our global water goals on a massive scale, and bring us the future we require .”

Ford’s Commitment to Water Conservation

Ford’s water conservation efforts have had a huge impact up to now. From 2000 to now, Ford has achieved a 76.2 percent decrease in absolute freshwater consumption, which amounts to a total of 186.3 billion gallons of water that have been saved. By 2022, Ford will have used less than 22 percent of water across the globe, which is equivalent to providing a whole year’s worth of fresh water to 1.7 million households.

Ford’s CDP A-Ranking for Water and Climate

In a global assessment of more than 15,500 international businesses, Ford’s efforts in the fields of climate security and water security management earned a highly sought-after double-A grade from CDP in the year 2000. Ford is the sole automaker that was able to make the CDP “A” List for both climate and water.

“We were grateful to receive a double ‘A’ score from CDP and also encouraged to see an increasing number of companies participating in CDP’s data collection,” said Cynthia Williams, Global Director, Sustainability, Homologation and Compliance, Ford. “This is a crucial measurement, and one that Ford will continue to adhere to in our efforts to achieve our goal of achieving carbon neutrality. We will encourage all of our partners and suppliers to follow the same. .”

Further details about Ford’s environmental social and Governance (ESG) objectives and accomplishments are provided in our Integrated Financial and Sustainable Report, that is released every calendar year around April.

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