May 23, 2024

The Ford Cologne Electric Vehicle Center officially opened following the $2 billion investment made to modernize the facility, which was founded in the year 1930.

The high-tech center will develop an entirely new type of electric passenger vehicle that is suited to European markets and create skilled German manufacturing jobs.

Ford Cologne, Electric Vehicle Center, will be the first Ford carbon-neutral vehicle assembly facility worldwide, a significant step on the Road to Better.

With a capacity of 250,000 electric vehicles, the innovative EV Center supports the company’s global goals to achieve a run rate of 2 million EVs per year at the end of 2026.

 Ford today officially opened its Cologne Electric Vehicle Center, a high-tech manufacturing facility located in Germany, which will produce Ford’s latest generation of electric passenger cars for millions of European customers.

Ford has modernized its historical factory at Niehl, Cologne – first built in 1930; it is part of the $2 billion investment that is a significant vote of confidence in the skilled German manufacturing jobs as well as the future of car production across Europe.

The site is designed to be extremely efficient; the 125-hectare facility is outfitted with a new fabrication line, battery assembly, and modern tooling and automation, which allows for an annual production capacity of more than 250,000 electric vehicles. After the success with the Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit, and F-150 Lightning, Ford recently revealed its fourth EV globally, the electric Explorer, which could be the first electric car manufactured in Cologne and will be followed by another electric vehicle, which is a crossover sport.

The core of the Cologne EV Center is digital technological advances that connect machines, vehicles, and people. Self-learning machines, autonomous transport systems, autonomous transportation systems, and management of big data in real-time are essential to increase the effectiveness of manufacturing processes and improve with time while ensuring top quality.

Ford is also taking it further to help and not replace human superiority. Innovative robotics that is collaborative and cognitive, as well as augmented reality technology, will help its employees and increase efficiency in data transfer with its other factories to share their experiences in real-time.

A zero carbon electric vehicle center: Ford is changing the Road to Better plan into a reality.

To attain carbon neutrality, Ford will cut down on energy consumption and carbon emissions from the facility through the use of new processes, machines, and technology. The entire natural gas and electricity needed to run the facility are carbon neutral as it is 100% biomethane and renewable electricity.

The energy required to heat the plant and its processes is carbon neutral since an energy supplier local to the facility will offset equivalent emissions of the assembly plant for Ford. The heat is produced through an external power plant as well as a waste incineration facility and is delivered via an exclusive steam network for Ford.

The local energy provider is planning to cut down on their emissions in this process by 60 percent or more in 2026 and then eliminate these emissions by 2035. When it is fully operational, the Ford Cologne EV Center will be independently certified as carbon neutral. This certification is independent and will be analyzed and reconciled every few months against the purchase of carbon offsets to cover any emissions left.

The modernization of Ford Cologne EV Center’s technological upgrade Ford Cologne EV Center is coupled with an improvement in the ecology of biodiversity and an eco-balance of the current factory green space. Implemented measures include a perennial forb, a change of grasslands with poor ecological value to meadows with wildflowers, insect hotels, and habitats for bats and birds.

“The carbon neutral Cologne EV Center is a leading automotive industry showcase for the switch from traditional auto manufacturing to electric vehicle production,” concluded Sander. “The facilities and processes have been designed by our engineers to maximise efficiency and minimise environmental impact, helping Ford become carbon neutral in Europe and supporting our global decarbonisation plan.”

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is an international company with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, committed to fostering a more sustainable world in which everyone is able to move freely and achieve their goals. Ford’s Ford+ plan for growth and value creation blends existing strengths, innovative capabilities, and constantly-on relationships with customers to enhance the experience for their customers and increase their trust. Ford creates and provides the most innovative, must-have Ford trucks and sport utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, cars, and Lincoln luxurious vehicles, all the connected service. The company achieves this by focusing on three business segments that are centered around customers: Ford Blue, engineering iconic hybrid and gas-powered vehicle models; Ford Model E, creating revolutionary EVs as well as embedded software that provides extraordinary digital experiences for every customer and Ford Pro, helping commercial customers improve and expand their business with the right vehicles and services that meet their requirements. Furthermore, Ford is pursuing mobility solutions with Ford Next, as well as providing finance services via Ford Motor Credit Company. Ford employs approximately 174,000 employees around the world.

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