May 25, 2024

The auto industry is expected to grow to over USD 166 billion in 2027. Today, the sector is it is among the top five countries in the size of market and net worth this sector is expected to be one of the top three global in 2026. Post-pandemic, the industry has seen an exponential increase in the demand for personal automobiles. While four-wheelers have been the primary area of focus, however, other segments are also booming but are facing difficulties also.

As the Indian automobile industry grows its production, it’s expected to create 65 million additional jobs. Recently, the Indian automotive industry has been growing and changing quickly.

Fire on every engine

India has been doing everything from promoting the automotive trade to promoting electric vehicles and more. The electric vehicles of India are at an early stage, but they are experiencing rapid growth thanks to constant support from private and public sectors.

The evolution of the auto industry isn’t just limited to new vehicles. The used car market has seen a significant increase during this time. The modern consumer is more security aware and have a desire to invest in their own mobility in order to avoid public transport. There are a variety of factors that act as a trigger for the declining supply of new car industry pre-owned cars is experiencing exciting changes in the preferences of consumers. Many people prefer to buy pre-owned vehicles instead of brand-new ones, particularly Generation X and GenZ, which have put the new-to-used car transactions ratio to 1:1.5.

Trends changing

According to a recent Ipsos report published by Cars24, the demand for used automobiles has increased by a third across the sedan, hatchback, and the luxury segment. Additionally, almost 40 percent of respondents stated that they’d rather purchase their next automobile on the Internet. The Indian used automobile buyer isn’t confined by gender, restricted finances or limited to metros any longer. With organized players entering the market, the gaps in standardisation are being filled by companies to offer a complete seamless and interactive all-inclusive online purchasing experience for customers.

Technology has not only transformed the automobile industry, but it has also provided a glimpse of what India will be in the near future and the collaboration between technology and automotive companies is growing. It’s safe to say that the automobile sector is undergoing a major technological revolution in India.

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