May 26, 2024

A skilled automotive professional with vast international experience, particularly Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, was appointed the Managing Director of the Middle East at the BMW Group, one of the top luxury manufacturers of cars and motorcycles in 2018. His current job is part of a trajectory in his career in which. Haqparwar, interestingly enough started in BMW’s headquarters in BMW Group in Germany and then was complemented by the various managerial positions which he was able to take on within the same organization afterward.

His experiences with his time at the BMW Group are thus what provides the basis for his ideas regarding leadership in the business world that, if taken to heart by all individuals, can be beneficial for our endeavors. “Leadership includes rolling up your sleeves, and being actively involved in the day-to-day tasks with your team members,” Dr. Haqparwar says. “By doing this you earn respect from them, and create solid foundations of trust. It is also about applying the values you teach and would like to impart to your team. If it’s honesty, integrity or a solid character, you must to show these qualities by the actions you take. Also, be sure to emphasize that you’re not more important than any other member of the group. If you want your team members to arrive on time it is essential that you do it too. If you expect them to adhere to your deadlines, it’s crucial to honor theirs first. This helps create a culture that promotes accountability, respect for each other, fairness, accountability, and top efficiency within the team.”

The most influential leaders are ones who live up to the walk- and that’s what Dr. Haqparwar personally strives for every day in his job. “Leaders must lead from the front to get the best out of their teams,” Dr. Haqparwar points out. “This is an approach I’ve always relied on in my leadership journey.”

The Executive Summary: Dr. Hamid Haqparwar reflects on what he believes among the most significant lessons that he’s learned about leadership

“The most important lesson I’ve learned is how important it is to remain at peace as the leader. Through the countless issues and uncertainties you face in your professional career, calm and resiliency will be essential. In your role as a leader, your duty to lead the team through tough situations- the ability to remain calm and collected demonstrates your ability to overcome challenges and inspire your team members to face problems with a clear and steady mindset.

The bottom line is that your team needs security and trust from your company, whether they are aware of that or not. When faced with stress, it’s essential to keep in mind that every issue can be solved. Your role is to assist your team members in finding the solution. If you remain in a calm state, you are able to avoid transmitting anxiety and fear to the team members. Being transparent and having a steady presence can help them focus and resolve the problem.

Being calm allows you to keep a clear view. This prevents knee-jerk reactions and quick decision-making, which could create more problems. Demonstrating peaceful high-level leaders set the standard for resiliency, problem-solving, and victory in facing the odds.”

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