May 26, 2024


Ford has an unprecedented demand for the F-150 Lightning with 200,000 reservations and plans to expand to the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center to accelerate production to an estimated annual production rate of 150,000 by 2023. Ford has poured in over $950 million and has created more than 750 positions at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. Ford’s commitment to Michigan for the F-150 Lightning alone now totals over $1 billion, including 1,700 newly created jobs being spread across five Ford manufacturing facilities in Michigan which include Van Dyke Electric Powertrain Center in which Lightning electric motors as well as electric transaxles are assembled. Rawsonville Components Plant, where Lightning batteries are made.

“America’s real transition to electric vehicles starts now,”¬†declared Ford Chairman and CEO Jim Farley. “F-150 Lightning is only an initial step in our goals to grow and lead in the field of electric, digital vehicles. We are continuing to expand our manufacturing capabilities throughout all of the U.S., including the opening of our manufacturing facility in BlueOval City that will allow us to satisfy the ever-growing demands of our customers for our exciting range of electric vehicles. .”

Ford is in the process of delivering two million electric cars per year in 2026, which is around one-third of Ford’s global sales and is on its road to 50% by 2030.

Its speed range is from zero to 60 mph in the middle-4 second range, an extended range battery and the flexibility of a 10-kilowatt smart motor on wheels, and a base cost of less than $40,000, excluding tax credits are available, and software updates that improve the performance in the future, F-150 Lightning is attracting new customers to Ford. The majority of those who reserve have a lease or own a Ford vehicle. F-150 Lightning is also converting some of them into first-time electric vehicle or truck customers.

Making use of a century’s manufacturing expertise to create an electric pickup

Ford announced its plan to construct its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center at its iconic Rouge complex 19 months ago in September 2020, and since then has created an ultra-modern facility that draws on over 118 years’ of experience in production at a large scale.

Ford remains the most reputable manufacturer of automobiles in America according to U.S. production, sales of U.S.-made cars, and employing workers on an hourly basis. 

F-150 Lightning can go from 0-60 miles per hour in a mid-four-second timeframe using the extended-range battery, which makes it the fastest-accelerating F-150 yet. The solid ride gives you the ride and handling that truck drivers do not normally feel. Additionally, the F-150 has the greatest horsepower of any F-150 previously (at 775 lbs.-ft.) and, due to the fact that it’s nearly instantaneous, provides easy towing.

Ford provides F-150 Lightning owners an optional BlueCruise-free driving experience that is hands-free for the more than 130,000 miles that are prequalified divided highways in both the U.S. and Canada. F-150 Lightning will stay up to date and continuously enhance through software updates over the air, which are referred to as Ford Power-Ups.

F-150 Lightning is a zero-emissions vehicle that can reach 350 miles of EPA-estimated mileage. Lightning customers can access BlueOval Charge Network. BlueOval Charge Network. It is which is the largest charging network for public use within North America offered by automotive manufacturers.

Home charging is simple using the installation of the partner Sunrun. Extended-range battery owners with the Connected Charging Station Pro can get a fully charged charge throughout the night using AC power using two chargers on board. Customers could also get the option of installing solar panels – enabling users to power their home and their truck using clean, renewable energy.

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