May 21, 2024


The latest battery technology allows the targeted distance of 380 km 2. with 125kW of fast charging capabilities. E-Transit Custom will deliver outstanding performance to meet a variety of needs for customers that are all provided by Ford Pro’s comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing charging.

In order to maximize efficiency during working hours, E-Transit Custom offers new solutions for delivery by multiple drops as well as cab and access to the load compartment. The cab also functions as a hub for business, offering 5G connectivity and a movable workspace with innovative features such as the driving wheel which folds up to be a comfortable device for tablets and laptops.

The technological innovation is coupled with uncompromising load carrying capacity. E-Transit Custom delivers payloads up to 1,100 kilograms, 3 a lower floor for loading, which makes it easier to access and a maximum towing capacity of 2,000kg. 4 Independent rear suspensions and world-class motor power provide an entirely new driving enjoyment for customers.

Customers can select between either 100 or 160 kW (135 PS and 217 PS) motor outputs to meet their requirements, with each boasting a top-of-the-line four15 Nm torque. It is affixed directly to the rear floor, eliminating the need for a separate subframe. It rotates 90 degrees in order to maximize loadspace and simplify the weight. The powerful electric drivetrain can provide the highest towing capacity in the industry that can reach 2,000 kilograms, 4 meaning E-Transit Custom could replace diesel vehicles in ways that no other electric van could compete with. A retractable towbar is an option that is available for greater comfort.

E-Transit Custom users will enjoy the customized capabilities that are available in Ford Pro Electronics 6. free for one year. These features make use of live data to assist users monitor the location, efficiency, and condition of their vehicles to ensure optimal efficiency. The software can also be optimized for charging strategies that incorporate EV-specific information like charging status, charge state along with remaining mileage 2. with a customisable Low Range alert thresholds. Owners can also program E-Transit Custom’s cab and battery to be warmed or chilled prior to work using Pre-Conditioning Scheduled to conserve energy to provide the best performance.

E-Transit Custom will be the very first electric vehicle that makes use of vapour-injected heat pumps to cool and heat the cabin. It is fitted in all vehicles. This system has been specifically designed to provide improved efficiency in energy consumption to ensure the best driving range.

E-Transit Custom features an energy-efficient brake system that has a one-pedal drive ability. The system combines friction braking and regenerative braking that uses energy generated during deceleration to replenish the battery to provide additional driving range. Drivers are able to stop the van without having to use the brake pedal using a single pedal drive mode, 7. which the drivers who drove the fully electric Ford Mustang Mach-E liked and could make driving in urban areas more comfortable and relaxing. Other modes of drive offer lower deceleration, which is ideal for other driving situations. It is engineered to utilize the friction brakes often enough to keep the discs from becoming rusty or pitting.

Ford Pro Charging for easy energy management

Management of energy is a crucial aspect for companies – especially for smaller companies which may not have full-time fleet management staff, or depots to charge overnight. Customers who are limited in time and have to are able to park at home can gain from Ford Pro’s professional advice as well as simple wall-box setup and maintenance, as well as integration with Ford vehicles, and a user-friendly software to make the process of planning and paying for charging a breeze.

Customers have already decided which fuel to purchase in the context of a price differential of just a few percent. Electricity prices can vary more pronouncedly, therefore making use of Ford Pro Charging’s program users can ensure that they schedule charging at lower rates during the night when they are available, which will help lower the cost of ownership and lessen the burden on their operation.

E-Transit Custom’s11 power source of 11 kW AC 3-phase charger is capable completely charging the battery within 7.8 hours, meaning that users can recharge at night following a shift. In the event of a busy day, you can monitor the the status of their battery on the go using an app on their smartphone called FordPass Pro smartphone app. 8

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