May 25, 2024

The car has changed over the decades. In the past, the car battery powered your car and ran the radio. Many modern vehicles require batteries to cope with the increased requirements for power. Car accessory demands have tripled in the last year, with brand-new gadgets introduced yearly.

Standard battery floods are the most popular automobile battery available. They offer advantages, but they do have limitations. They can power your vehicle and can also be used to power electrical devices. Advanced flooded batteries and absorbed glass-mat batteries are modern technology that can provide greater power to modern automobiles.

AGM and EFB batteries can be recharged and are needed for cars that are more modern and have higher power requirements.

Finding the ideal replacement car battery can be challenging. There are many options, but you must choose the right one.

Standard battery with flooded cells

A typical or conventional flooded battery is one made of lead acid. It’s designed to crank the vehicle’s engine and provide standard accessories as the engine runs. If your vehicle requires more power than usual, this battery may not suit your car.

Some examples of vehicles that utilize batteries of standard size are the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Corolla, and Lexus RX.

Did you know that fall and spring are the best time to test the battery in your car?

It is recommended to test your battery before the weather gets severe by taking no-cost battery tests at the Interstate All Battery Center (r) or select repair centers.

EFB batteries with enhanced batteries that are flooded EFB

An EFB is a battery filled with water like a typical one, but it’s more durable, holds more energy, and has a longer lifespan.

The numerous benefits of EFBs are as follows: following:

  • Durability
  • Energy storage
  • Battery life
  • Weatherproof
  • Start-stop-friendly
  • Much more affordable than AGM

Examples of vehicles that use EFB batteries include the stop-start versions of Fiat 500, Toyota Yaris and the Fiat 500, Toyota Yaris, and the Ford ECOnetic range.

Are you searching for the EFB or AGM battery for your vehicle or truck? Are you still unsure? Visit our premium vehicle and truck battery page today to ensure you have the correct battery for your car.

Absorbed glass-mat batteries AGM

AGM batteries are now the norm for modern vehicles due to their power requirements for entertainment systems, cameras, GPS systems, and plug-in devices. This battery is an absolute necessity for vehicles already equipped with AGM.

AGM batteries use glass mats that absorb 100% of the electrolyte. This makes it safe from spills.

AGM batteries are manufactured to exceed or meet the equipment’s original specifications. They’re the ideal option for new vehicles with start-stop technology or accessories requiring power.

Different AGMs are created equal.

Pure lead AGMs contain 100% pure lead. They provide superior power and extended battery longevity. AGMs that are alloys are made of mixed metals and are less refined than pure lead AGMs.

Pure Lead AGM Batteries

  • 99.9 percent pure lead
  • Up 2x the battery life over. battery cells that are flooded
  • Fastest recharge times
  • Slowest self-discharge/shelf life
  • Sealed – zero water loss

Alloy AGM Batteries

  • Recycled lead and alloy metal
  • Like pure lead AGM however, it is not as strong
  • Cheaper than lead in pure form AGM

A few examples of vehicles that use an AGM battery are the Buick Encore Jeep Compass and the Ford F-150.

Find the right battery for you

When it’s time to replace your car battery, finding the correct one is critical. Deciding which is best for you can be overwhelming. The good news is that we are always here to help you find the right battery for your vehicle.


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