May 25, 2024

Alongside significant organizations representing the global manufacturing of automobiles, APRA has joined to reach common definitions of essential terms pertaining to remanufacturing. The agreement was reached following an agreement held in Frankfurt, Germany, on September 13, 2016. The following purposes are agreed upon:


Remanufacturing is an established industrial procedure in which cores are restored to the same or even better quality and condition. This process is compatible with the specific specifications that include testing, quality, and engineering standards. The process produces 100% warranted goods.

Industrial processes are established procedure that is documented in full and is able to meet specifications set by the manufacturer.


Cores are previously sold, used, or not functional item or component that is intended for remanufacturing. In reverse logistics, the core is secured by being handled, identified, and then tagged for remanufacturing in order to prevent any damage and protect its value. Cores are not scrap or waste and should not be reused prior to the process of remanufacturing.

European associations have also accepted an additional definition of


Remanufactured parts fulfill the function that is, at a minimum, comparable to the original piece. It is rebuilt from an existing component (CORE) and is produced using standard industrial processes that meet certain technical standards. Remanufactured parts are covered by the same guarantee as a new part, and clearly indicates the component as a remanufactured component and also identifies the remanufacturer.

Common language is an important achievement in automotive remanufacturing. It promises a bright future for this industry that has already benefited from increased awareness, both in the eyes of policymakers and the general public over the last few years. In 2015, lawmakers in the United States Congress approved legislation that acknowledged the federal government’s responsibility in equipping its vehicles with remanufacture. In the same year, it was the year that the G7 Alliance for Resource Efficiency announced its support for manufacturing remanufacturing in a conference that was attended by representatives from the government, industry, and labor organizations as well as research and science.

Despite the growing trend towards official recognition and backing for an industry that is growing, the lack of a codified and unifying language that defines important terms could limit the benefits of automotive recycling. Inconsistency caused confusion and poor growth, and also rivalry, not collaboration between the organizations representing manufacturers of autos, all sharing a common goal of expanding the market. Initial indications suggest that this current state of affairs is now over.

As the Asia-Pacific partner of the APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association), a non-profit trade association representing more than 1,000 automotive remanufacturers, Duxes has a history of engagement with and support for the automotive remanufacturing industry.With the release of the reman terminology, we will take the responsibility of promoting the terms and definitions in China and the Asia Pacific area and inform the rapid expanding manufacturing industry of the prospect for increased efficiency and cooperation with international partners offered by the new terminology, as well as the potential for future legal recognition.

About Duxes Reman Consulting

Duxes Reman Business was started in 2008 following the NDRC’s introduction of an auto parts remanufacturing pilot project. In the wake of a partnership agreement with Duxes as well as the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) in 2015, Duxes has assumed the function of the APRA’s Asian Pacific Agency.This platform has allowed Duxes to continue its mission of promoting expansion of the remanufacturing business within the Asia-Pacific region and to facilitate the development of industrial relationships between remanufacturing firms and related organizations throughout the globe.

Duxes utilizes its experience in industry consulting and unique viewpoint to offer excellent services for companies in the remanufacturing industry, both foreign and domestic as well as being the sole independent consulting company that is focused on the remanufacturing sector in China. Duxes’ events occur annually in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, offer insightful insight into the latest developments in the remanufacturing business and increase opportunities for firms involved in manufacturing remanufacture.


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