May 24, 2024


In the world of filmmaking, behind-the-scenes anecdotes often surface, revealing the unique challenges and quirks that accompany the creation of cinematic masterpieces. One such revelation comes from the set of the highly anticipated film “Ferrari,” where acclaimed actor Adam Driver dropped a surprising bombshell: he didn’t get behind the wheel due to “insurance reasons,” claiming, “They don’t trust me.”

The Revelation:

During a recent interview, the charismatic Adam Driver shared a humorous and unexpected tidbit about his experience on the set of “Ferrari.” Known for his roles in films like “Marriage Story” and his iconic portrayal of Kylo Ren in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy, Driver is no stranger to intense and physically demanding roles. However, it seems that even he faced limitations on the set of this particular film.

The actor casually revealed that he was not allowed to drive while filming “Ferrari” due to what he described as “insurance reasons.” Although he delivered the revelation with a hint of humor, it left fans and media outlets buzzing with curiosity about the specifics of this unique situation.

Insurance Concerns:

While Adam Driver didn’t delve into the details of the insurance concerns, it’s not uncommon for filmmakers to impose restrictions on actors when it comes to high-risk activities, including driving expensive and rare vehicles. The financial implications of potential accidents, damage, or injury can be significant, prompting studios and insurance providers to take precautionary measures.

In the case of “Ferrari,” which presumably features the iconic luxury sports cars as a central element of the narrative, the decision to restrict Driver from driving on set may have been a strategic one to protect both the actor and the valuable assets involved in the production.

Driver’s Reaction:

During the interview, Adam Driver addressed the situation with his trademark wit, stating, “They don’t trust me.” The humorous remark suggests that Driver himself found the situation amusing and perhaps even appreciated the caution exercised by the production team. It also underscores the collaborative nature of filmmaking, where actors often navigate various restrictions and challenges to bring a vision to life.

Implications for the Film:

While Adam Driver’s not driving on the set of “Ferrari” may not impact the overall narrative, it adds an interesting layer to the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the film. Fans will likely speculate on the specific scenes that required driving and how the filmmakers creatively worked around this restriction to maintain the integrity of the storytelling.


Adam Driver’s revelation about not driving on the set of “Ferrari” due to “insurance reasons” offers a glimpse into the intricacies of filmmaking, where practical considerations sometimes dictate creative decisions. As fans eagerly await the release of “Ferrari,” this amusing anecdote adds a touch of behind-the-scenes intrigue, showcasing the collaborative efforts and preventive measures taken to ensure a smooth and successful production.

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