July 24, 2024
            • The Zeekr 001 shooting brake specs show a standard output of 1282 hp (1300 bhp), as well as a Raikkonen Mode developed by Zeekr’s driver and intended for the track.
            • The Zeekr brand is owned by Volvo’s parent company, Geely, and was launched in China to offer performance and family electric cars. Two of these models are shared with Volvo, including the Volvo EX30.
            • Zeekr plans to produce approximately 1200 units of the 001 FR per year, along with more family-friendly versions.
  • Zeekr may not be a household name in the US outside of EV enthusiast circles. Still, the recently launched brand, part of the greater Geely Cinematic Universe, is already offering its buyers something other EV makers do not. In this case, it’s a quad-motor electric shooting brake with 1282 hp on tap.
  • Zeekr 001 FR is a vehicle that has achieved engineering goals other EV manufacturers haven’t attempted to accomplish in any given vehicle. The 001 FR is capable of a 0-to-60 mph launch in just 2.02 seconds and can perform tank turns with the wheels spinning in opposite directions.
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  • Raikkonen Mode, created by the person you’d expect, sharpens up the systems of the rabid car.
  • The mad grocery getter is equipped with a 100-kWh CATL battery paired with an 800-volt electrical system. This allows charging from 10% up to 80% within 15 minutes.
  • Even though 100 kWh is a large battery, the weight of a similar-sized gas-powered model could be much higher.
  • Volvo EX30 and Geely Zeekr X are twinned.
  • These specs are reminiscent of a Group A fever dream or a hot hatch drawn in seventh grade, complete with wide body kits and rear wings. To be fair to the fever dream, many of the legendary B Group rally cars of the 1980s were actually a hatchback.
  • You might expect that these ridiculous specs would be accompanied by a sticker cost that required Kimi Raikkonen’s money. In reality, Zeekr’s price, which was revealed in China just a few days ago, is a bit more surprising: the model will cost about $105,800 at the current rate of exchange. This is not much money for the power that’s being offered, and it easily surpasses the Model S Plaid with its 1020 hp.
  • The 001 FR was developed with input from a certain F1 driver.
  • You could also end up upside down or in a tree if you don’t have Kimi’s driving skills.
  • Will the Zeekr 01 FR face worthy competitors in any country soon?
  • It is unlikely that this will happen, even if it were possible. At the moment, electric station wagons – if not four-door hatchbacks – are a very small segment. There are EVs with more than 1000 hp. However, they tend not to be four-door hatchbacks or able to do tank turns. They are also larger and have much heavier batteries.
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  • Although there is no immediate danger that a Zeekr 01 FR will be terrorizing gravel roads at triple-digit speed in your area, we suspect that the parent company of the brand may not just want to keep this hardware for Zeekr users’ entertainment.
  • The company has already converted the Zeekr minivan 009 into a Volvo model. So, we can’t rule out that this engineering will remain confined to Zeekr. Volvo EX30 is a twin of the Zeekr X, which entered production in the summer.
  • Geely’s speed-run brand creation has taught us that, given enough time, we will see its creations wearing different badges. This five-door shooting brake already looks like the next-generation Volvo V40.
  • Stellantis STLA Frame platform body-on-frame is the foundation of all this. This architecture has a four-corner standard air suspension, which will provide extra clearance when needed but also lowers the Ramcharger under certain conditions in order to make it aerodynamic.
  • Kuniskis may be right: The Ramcharger is the answer to the EV dilemma for a lot of potential truck buyers. The price is the most important question. If the price of this machine is competitive, it will allow Ram trucks to be placed in driveways where they would otherwise be.
      • Ram has said that the Ramcharger will be on the assembly line by the end of next year. Pricing should, therefore, be available before 2024.
  • Skeptics claim that autonomous vehicle operations are a Rube Goldberg machine, which exists primarily to benefit companies that sell and service autonomous vehicles. At the same time, the costs of fleet operators remain.
    • The labor unions claim that the transition to self-driving cars and trucks will not even result in cost savings to the industry for a long time, if at all, because of the costs and infrastructure required.

It is known that robotaxis have coding to govern their behavior when solid objects are driven over, like traffic cones. However, it is unknown to what extent a Cruise Robotaxi can classify these objects and make appropriate decisions.

Cruise previously claimed, in defense of its robotaxi, that the car began braking 460 milliseconds before a pedestrian was detected walking into its path. This is much faster than any human being could react.


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