April 9, 2024

It’s time for those nearing the end of their lease to renew the Motability scheme. This blog post will go over some of the important things you should keep in mind while browsing for new or WAV vehicles within the Motability scheme.

Planning is always better. This is because some wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) can take a few days to a whole month to arrive. The time it takes to deliver the car depends on its condition (whether new, nearly new/used) and the amount of work needed to customize the vehicle. You can also rest assured that no additional fees will be charged beyond the difference in advance payment. All leases are now ‘all inclusive’. This means that road tax, windscreen/tire repair, and breakdown cover are included. You only have to be concerned about one cost: fuel. Fuel. Consider your needs before ordering your new vehicle. The Motability scheme has different leases and payments for a new car or a near-new (used) vehicle. You or the wheelchair user may have also changed since you leased the car. It may be worth looking for a mobility rental that is better suited to these changes.

Do not be afraid to look at other models and makes. It is good to be familiar with the models and makes, but you should also think about your tastes. You are not limited to one particular type of vehicle. There are many makes, models, and colors of both new and used WAVs. Browse through the WAV suppliers and find out which mobility vehicle is best for you or a loved one. You can find WAV suppliers and car dealerships that have special Motability Schemes and trained staff to provide help, advice, and test drives. Once you have chosen the car of your dreams, you will need to take all the necessary paperwork to the dealer and complete the paperwork. The next step is to get your vehicle ready for sale. You can have it inspected and, if you wish, any modifications removed. The pin will be sent to you through the front door. You will need it to sign for your new vehicle at the dealer. It is important to stay in contact with the dealer during this time between getting the PIN and receiving your new vehicle. This will help to avoid any mishaps. A good dealer will arrange to let you keep your old car while the new one is being delivered.

After you have your new car, you will need to return your old vehicle to the mobility car dealer that sold you your brand-new car. The process is straightforward, and you will find that a reliable supplier of both new and used WAVs can make it even easier.

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