July 25, 2024

In 2022, the Formula 1 (r) season began a new collaboration in motorsports, in which Aramco became an official Partner of Aston Martin Racing (AMR).

As the global sponsor of Formula 1 (r), the world-class sporting event that is loved by over 1.56 billion people around the world, We’ve had the opportunity to show our determination to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency, as well as our decision to create superior, more sustainable and forward-looking transportation technology.

Solutions that are not only focused on athletic success but capable of dealing with the world’s environmental challenges.

We are now moving in the right direction in merging our resources and research alongside the pioneering and innovative Aston Martin Formula One (TM) Racing Team to transfer our expertise from the lab for testing out onto the track.

Aramco – Global Partner of Formula 1®

Massive changes are on the coming in Formula 1(r)

Our coordinated R&D efforts will aim to reduce engine emissions and pollutants.

The objective is to build vehicles entirely powered through sustainable fuels in 2025 and achieve net zero in the sport by 2030.

Aramco is constantly developing new technologies that are cutting-edge in vehicle and motor technology. We are working with the highly skilled team at AMR to create cutting-edge innovations to tackle this technological issue.

Our integrated R&D efforts on fuel engine technology and non-metallic material performance are aimed at improving engine performance and reducing emissions, which will result in a smaller carbon footprint for the sport while increasing the safety of our athletes and enhancing efficiency.

“The collaboration reflects Aramco’s efforts to cut emissions from the global transport and automotive industries. Our goal is to provide the highest quality fuels and lubricants for the world’s automotive industry as well as our association with Aston Martin Aston Martin team will help increase awareness about our premium products. This alliance leverages our shared passion for the highest standards of engineering and technology, and could achieve outstanding results in and out of the track.” — Mohammed Al Qahtani, Senior Vice President Downstream at Aramco

The long-term strategic alliance combines the most advanced development and research programs in new transport technologies. It also establishes a commercial coalition focused on lubricants and fuels and creates the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One (TM) Team.

Our chemists and engineers will concentrate on developing hybrid, ultra-efficient internal combustion engines and advanced fuels like E-Fuels, which are low carbon or synthetic, to be used in motorsport.

The development of this engine will be a unique experience for AMR. This multi-year agreement demonstrates our dedication to Aston Martin Racing leadership’s ambition, drive, abilities, and capabilities to continue to drive progress, progress, and performance within Formula 1 (r).

Our focus will be on ultra-efficient hybrid internal combustion engines.

“We are extremely excited to partner with such an eminent brand in the auto industry to develop the technology of motorsports. Our combined knowledge and experience are able to enhance the performance of engines and cut emissions, which will help reduce environmental impact of motorsports, and ultimately, the automotive industry.”– Ahmad Al Khowaiter, Chief Technology Director at Aramco

The partnership extends well beyond racing.

The partnership goes far beyond racing and is committed to developing sustainable transportation technologies and driving technological innovation across the global automobile and transportation industries.

So, two pioneering brands, a young and ambitious racing team, and engineers are pushing the limits of technological possibilities.

How do you accelerate innovation in a sport at the forefront of technology?

Power, precision, and performance: We’ve partnered with Aston Martin Formula One Team to create a series of videos that look at how they design the technologies that make modern motorsport an entirely new engine.

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