July 25, 2024

Moto Guzzi revealed the Stelvio, an adventure bike based on V100 Mandello’s engine and chassis.

  1. Cross-spoked rims allow tubeless tires
  2. Radar-assisted adaptive cruise control is an optional extra
  3. The electronic adjustable adaptive aero from V100 Mandello

The Stelvio uses the same 1,042cc 90-degree liquid-cooled V-twin motor, which is mounted in the typical Guzzi style, transversely. The peak output figures have not been released yet but shouldn’t deviate too much from the Mandello 115hp/105Nm. The Stelvio, like most adventure bikes today, uses a 19/17 inch tubeless wire-spoke setup with dual-purpose tires.

The full range of electronic aids for riders is available, including five riding modes, cornering ABS control and traction control, as well as cruise control. You can now equip your Moto Guzzi with adaptive cruise control for the first time. The adaptive aero is also carried over from the Mandello V100. The same switchgear and 5-inch TFT display found on the Mandello V100, as well as the Aprilia 2021+ big bikes, controls all of this.

The Stelvio has a fuel tank that is 4 liters bigger than the Mandello. This vehicle weighs 233kg at the curb, so it’s reasonable to assume the Stelvio would be heavier.

Stelvio’s unknown secrets will be revealed during the EICMA, which will take place between November 7-12. Keep an eye on this page for the latest information.

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