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Introducing the new way to buy your next car. Have your dream car delivered direct to you without lifting a finger! Guaranteed to beat any written quote by $1,000.

Save thousands by never visiting a car dealer again

Say goodbye to weekends spent trudging from car yard to car yard, fending off pushy salesmen as you battle to find the new car you want.

When you buy through Cars & Co., you bypass all the time-consuming frustration we’ve come to associate with purchasing a new vehicle.

Our Australia-wide network of dealers allows us to source your new car FAST and at a reduced price. We do the footwork and negotiating for you — while you sit back and wait for delivery.

The proof? We promise to beat any written quote by $1,000

And that’s just for starters. We work for Australian car buyers who don’t want to wait months after buying to get behind the wheel of a brand new or rare vehicle.

In some cases, we can deliver cars that aren’t yet available to the general public in just days.

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Car Sales Melbourne

Are you on the hunt for a new or car in Melbourne? Have you spent time trawling online car buyer websites, visiting showrooms and calling all of the car sales Melbourne providers?

Rest assured, there is a much, much easier way to find your ideal new or car in Melbourne. In fact, if you partner with the leading car brokers Melbourne wide, buying a new or car is possible in just 4 simple steps. That partner is us – Cars & Co.

With Cars & Co, you can gain access to the best range of and new cars Melbourne has to offer and at incredibly competitive prices that only we have access to. Not only that but we also offer attractive financing options for all of our customers too.

The Best Quality New Cars Deals in Melbourne

If you are looking to secure a great deal on a quality car in Melbourne, Cars & Co. can help you achieve just that. Not only do we have a large inventory of vehicles ready for you to see online but we can also source any specific vehicles that you require from our extensive network of dealership contacts.

Luxury cars are our forte – we have access to the best quality Audi, Mercedes and BMW cars on the market. That said; we can also source standard and mid-range cars too.

The Top New Car Brokers Melbourne Wide

If you want exclusive access to the best new car deals Melbourne has to offer, you need to partner with Cars & Co. We can negotiate prices from dealerships that are otherwise unavailable to the public. We have a great reputation in securing the best new car offers Melbourne customers could find.

We work for you, the customer, providing a 100% unbiased and personalised car buying service. We’re out to get you the best deal – not the dealerships. That’s what sets us apart from all of the other new car sales Melbourne providers out there.

Buy Car Melbourne

To top it all off, alongside having exclusive access to the best range of and new vehicles in all of Melbourne, we also offer attractive financing packages too. Simply apply online and our Finance Specialists will quickly be in touch to assess your requirements. They will then negotiate with over 20 lenders on your behalf to secure an excellent finance package to help you purchase the new or car of your dreams.

Buying a car in Melbourne has never been easier – just partner with the Cars & Co. team and let them do all the hard work. Without any fuss, any stress or any hassle, your new vehicle could be on its way to you in just a matter of days.

Cars & Co provide new car deals to Sydney, Melbourne new car deals and new car offers Brisbane, Which is why Cars & Co are the #1 car brokers in Australia. However, we also provide discount new cars, including Mercedes, Mazda, BMW and Audi. Cars & Co also provide a .

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Cars We Source Regularly

  • Nissan
  • Mercedes
  • Honda
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford
  • Land Rover
  • Audi
  • Volvo
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Jaguar
  • Porsche
  • Jeep
  • Holden
  • Mazda
  • BMW
  • Sourced to suit your exact requirements:

    Make, model, colour, options, accessories — even personalized plates. Tell us exactly what you need, and we’ll find and deliver exactly what you want.

  • The best prices on luxury and new cars in Australia:

    You’ll get access to our exclusive premium dealer network (we save our clients an average of $4,800 per car…)

  • Delivered with a full tank, on time, or our service is free

    You literally don’t need to leave the house when you buy with Cars & Co. We’ll deliver your new car to you, full of petrol, bang on time

Our model: We make car dealers work for you

Here’s how Cars & Co. works. Get in touch today. Tell us exactly what you want in your next car.

We’ll find it within our network. We’ll negotiate a market-beating price that could save you several thousand dollars. Then we’ll deliver it direct to you.

“So much easier than I had anticipated.”

‘My experience with Cars & Co was the very best I have encountered when purchasing a new car.

They worked to get me a trade in deal that I am very satisfied with.

On the day I received my car, they were of tremendous help in showing me all the details of the car, explaining the features, going over the navigation system and even syncing my phone, making me feel comfortable and making the paperwork so much easier than I had anticipated, and that was very important to me.

Thank you for a job well done.

— Jen

It was so effortless to source this company van and have our old one traded in.

Shervin at Cars & Co did all the work and we ended up with a saving of more than $3000. We had the new van delivered right to our door and the trade in was picked up at the same time. Great service and great value. We love our new van!

— Ellen Tung

After countless weekends talking with various new car dealers,

and getting various prices which were always the "lowest they could go", and being asked "what would it take to get you to sign today", I was actually starting to lose interest in buying a new car. In addition to that, I was made to feel like the dealers were doing me a favour by trying to find stock in the system. Then one day I stumbled upon Cars and Co. One quick online submission, and Shervin called me back within an hour, and within 24 hours I had pricing that was absolutely outstanding. Plus stock was no issue either. The whole process was just so easy. This is the only way I will ever buy cars in future.

— Paul Stone

So much better than dealing with Mercedes Brisbane directly.

The experience was about listening and education without arrogance. I cannot express how much better it was.

— Darren Jansz

I must admit that I did not expect the deal that Shervin obtained for me.

I have owned 3 SE Mercedes in the past, but this was a sweet experience. Shervin sourced the vehicle from a dealership 750 kms away from my home, right specs, good price, and arranged to have it delivered to my front door with the dealership representative 2 weeks later....How good is that? I would certainly recommend "Cars and CO" to any serious buyer in the market. Nick Mandikos

— Nick Mandikos
100% unbiased and personalized car buying SERVICE
No more dealers. No more inflated new car prices.  Contact Cars & Co. NOW.

Get in touch with us right now and we guarantee you’ll save at least $1,000. PLUS…For a limited time, we’ll also give you a 100% FREE, no-obligation valuation on your old car if you’re looking to trade in. Simply complete the short form below and hit the button.

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