July 25, 2024

As per a report, on average, we spend more than 4 years of our life in our cars! Surprised? Well, it is true. Depending on your lifestyle, your car usage may vary. But, if we took into consideration the amount of time we spent commuting to and from work, dropping our kids to school and running other errands, the number seems believable. For chauffeurs, it may exceed more than 10 years. It is their living. 

Overall, we usually spend a lot of time driving. And, we should make sure that every component of our vehicle is well-functioning and in order. Proper car maintenance and servicing are essential for your safety and others on the road. But apart from system performance, we should look into other factors that make our driving experience comfortable and soothing. This could be a music system for long rides or car diffusers that offer a pleasant smell.

A bad odour in the car makes driving awful and when we are talking about long rides, driving a smelly car is next to impossible. You may counter, what’s the use of windows then? You can open them to get rid of the smell? Well, what about the air conditioning then? We can’t drive in a hot chamber without A/C. Well, before we jump to a solution, let’s know what makes the car smell so bad? 

Causes of Bad Odours in Car

Well, there could be several reasons why your car smells. One of the many reasons is if you have bought a new car, the lubricants heat up when the car is in use, and they emanate a strange smell. So, it’s recommended to open all the windows while you take your car for the first ride. Well, this one is temporary. Another issue that results in bad odour is the smell from the A/C vent. Sometimes, when we start AC after a long time, a weird smell comes out of it. That makes driving difficult.

Spilled drinks, food debris, and smell from shoes are other factors that cause bad odour in the car. If you love riding with your pets, then it might also be the issue. 

Moreover, the pollutants in the air and environmental factors also cause bad odour in cars. 

So, What’s the Solution? 

An affordable solution is to use a hanging car air diffuser. Yes, it’s safe, simple and spreads a pleasant smell making your ride soothing and relaxing. Car diffusers come in a variety of fragrances, shapes and styles. Most diffusers have a small glass bottle filled with essential oils. These oils are made of organic materials (flower extracts), so there is no health problem. Diffusers not only spread the fragrance, but their unique shapes make your car interiors visually appealing. There are a lot of varieties and designs available in the market. A small bottle lasts for a month. So, you can experience a pleasant scent on your ride month long. All you have to do is choose your favourite scent.

How To Use A Car Diffuser

As there are a number of fragrance options available, choose the one you relate the most to but avoid the one you are allergic to. From refreshing lemon and tangy mango to tempting European musk and sweet blueberry, there are tons of options available. 

Once you finalise the fragrance, safely open the seal of the bottle. Now, remove the seal and close it tightly with the porous cork material. Turn the bottle upside down so that the scent comes up to the cork head. Hang it with a string and enjoy a pleasant smell throughout the ride. 

So, a small investment and all those bad odours become a problem of the past. You will love to ride your car, and your friends will thank you for such a pleasant and smooth ride. 

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